The Edge of Darkness

Swan Theatre Main Stage (2004)

St John’s Players are delighted to have the opportunity to perform at The Swan in the autumn which is something we have wanted to do for many years.

For many years we have wanted to stage a period thriller, but we always felt that May or June when we traditionally performed here was not the right time of year.  Management and organisational changes have allowed us to move from the spring to the autumn this year and so we have decided to take the opportunity and go for it.

The play is set on a remote cliff top house where the isolation and the sea are ever-present factors.  Max and Laura have brought their daughter there having just found her after her mysterious disappearance three years ago.  She does not remember them, as she has no recollection of any past.  She can only accept that they tell her.  gradually events trigger some memories, but not ones she wishes to recall.  They pose more questions than answers.

as with any good thriller the plot has its twists and turns and it is not until the very end that all is fully revealed.

we hope you have a very enjoyable evening.

Rosemary PhillipsNovember 2004


Penny – Julie Sadler
Hardy – Dave Solly
Max Cranwell – Paul Hughes
Laura Cranwell – Christine King
Emma – Jade Busby
Livago – Dan Phillips


Director – Rosemary Phillips
Set Design – Trevor King
Lighting – Mike astles & Steve Willis
Sound – Steve Willis
Publicity – Ray Archer
Stage Manager – Trevor King
Assistant Stage Managers – Chris Tye, Laura Starkie, Sue adie, Fred James, Dorothy Colman, Eddie Coleman & Ann Smith
Props – Kathryn King
Continuity – Judy Starkie