Pack of Lies

The Norbury Theatre, Droitwich (1997)

In 1961 Helen and Peter Kroger were convicted of spying for the Russians and sentenced to twenty years imprisonment.  “Pack of Lies” by Hugh Whitemore is based on the events leading up to their arrest.

It is not though essentially a spy story.  The central characters are an ordinary suburban couple, Bob and Barbara Jackson who have become close friends with their Canadian neighbours, the Krogers.  The jacksons are persuaded to allow their house to be used as a ‘look out’ from where the police can observe a man suspected of ‘illegal activity’ who is a frequent visitor to the neighbourhood.

gradually the realisation dawns that the purpose of these visits is to see the Krogers.  Are the Krogers then involved in illegal activity – spying?  If so where should the Jacksons’ loyalty lie – with their friends or with their country?

Initially unsuspecting, they are caught up in a web of deceit and betrayal from which they cannot extricate themselves, and which comes close to destroying them and their beliefs.  As Barbara says bitterly, “You’ve made us the liars.”

We hope you have an enjoyable and thoughtful evening.

Rosemary Phillips
February 1997


Bob Jackson – Trevor King
Barbara Jackson – Sue Imms
Julie Jackson – Helen King
Helen Kroger – Ann Smith
Peter Kroger – Barry Imms
Stewart – Fred James
Thelma – Sam Charnock


Directed by Rosemary Phillips
Stage Managers – Ray Archer & Christine King
Assistant Stage Managers – Kathy King, Debbie Lilley, Daniel Phillips, Paul Parker & Sue Williams
Continuity – Peter Lilley
Lighting & Soung – Peter Lilley & Emma Corser
Set Design – Ray Archer
Set built by Members of St. John’s Players
Special thanks to Roger King