Local Affairs

Swan Theatre Main Stage (1997)

Richard Harris is probably better known for his play Outside Edge, which became a popular TV comedy series.  In the same way, Local Affairs is awash with characters that are larger than life, but are recognisable as people we have known or still know.

The antics of the four couples may seem bizarre over the short period of the play, but a cocktail of drama, farce and comedy is the result.

The recipe for this cocktail is as follows:

a) Take a mother-in-law, a wife and a hustband, add envy, sarcasm and indecision.

b) Shake together with a young couple trying to revive their initial passion for each other during a weekend break from their children.

c) Add a doctor, his wife and a friend preparing to go to a fancy dress party, despite arguments and a frenzy of sulking.

d) Throw in for good luck a pretty young girl looking for sympathy, comfort and a new love.

e) Stir briskly and watch the sparks fly.

The preparation for this play has been a mixture of fun, hard work and more fun.  We invite you to join us in the funb and laughter produced by a very good cast and excellent script and to unjoy with us our presentation.

Derek Chaplin
June 1997


Norma – Dorothy Coman
Mrs Hinson – Ann Smith
Charles – Barry Imms
Susan – Sam Charnock
David – Paul Hughes
Keith – Trevor King
Hilary – Christine King
Peter – Dan Phillips
Katy – Alex North


Stage Manager – Paul Parker
Lighting & Sound – Mike Astles & Emma CorserPrompt – Rosemary Phillips
Properties – Kathryn King & Carol Parker
Set – Paul Parker & Trevor King
Set Construction – St Johns Players
Publicity – Barry Imms & Ray Archer
Poster Design – Debbie Lilley
ASM – Sue Williams, Sue Imms & Fred James
Directed by Derek Chaplin

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