The Little Foxes

Swan Theatre Main Stage (1991)

“Take us the foxes, the little foxes that spoil the vines, for our vines have tender grapes”
Song of Solomon

Little foxes have lived in all times, in all places.  This family happens to live in the Deep South in 1900.


Addie – Sue Tugby
Cal – Julie Gormley
Birdie Hubbard – Rosemary Phillips
Oscar Hubbard – Derek Chaplin
Leo Hubbard – Andrew Bigglestone
Regina Giddens – Ann Smith
William Marshall – Ian Gane
Benjamin Hubbard – Alistair Morris
Alexandra Giddens – Julie Sadler
Horace Giddens – Trevor King


Directed by Ray Archer
Lighting Designed by Pete Lilley
Assisted by Jim Houlding
Stage Manager – Christine King
Assistant Stage Managers – Sally Merian, Patricia Norris, Keith Stanley, Jeanette Stanley, Jennifer Floyd, Irene Hines, Kathryn King, Debbie Lilley, Barry Imms & Elizabeth Morris
Continuity – Tracey Buchan
Publicity – kathryn King & Irene Hines

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