Dangerous Obsession

dangerous obsession webSwan Theatre Studio (2015)

A sunny afternoon and Sally Driscoll is relaxing in her conservatory. A peaceful enough scene, but suddenly a mild looking man, John Barrett, appears at the door. An unwanted salesman perhaps? No, it would appear that the Barretts met the Driscolls in Torquay and Barrett wants to meet her husband again.  He seems harmless and straightforward enough, so Sally entertains him until the return of Mark Driscoll.

This simple ordinary man becomes more complicated. He is ‘dangerously obsessed’ with pinning the blame for his wife’s accident on someone. The tale unfolds, revealing conflicting facets of the Driscolls’ lives. These Barrett strips away, until he exits as suddenly as he entered, leaving behind shattered faith, broken trust and a marriage that will never heal.


Mark – Adam Bullock

Sally – Sue Smith

John – David Solly

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