Bedroom Farce

The Norbury Theatre (1992)

Our first production of Alan Ayckbourn’s farce, set in three bedrooms.


Ernest – Ray Archer
Delia – Rosemary Phillips
Malcolm – Trevor King
Kate – Julie Sadler
Nick – Jim Houlding
Jan – Sally Merian
Tevor – Keith Stanley
Susannah – Rebecca Reid


Stage Manager – Patricia Norris
Assistant Stage Managers – Jeanette Stanley & Kathryn King
Lighting – Pete Lilley
Effects – Sue Tugby, Chris King & Graham Turner
Props – Debbie Lilley & Irene Hines
Backstage – Sue Nevitt, Fred Jones, Brian Penson & Don Manapol
Publicity – Kathryn King & irene Hines
Cover Design – Keith Stanley

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