Bazaar and Rummage

The Norbury Theatre, Droitwich (2009)

This year marks the sixtieth anniversary of St John’s Players.  To celebrate this milestone we are performing two plays, this Spring production at the Norbury and an Autumn production at the Swan in Worcester.

When Bazaar and Rummage was first performed in 1982, The Times described it as, “A very funny play that earns its laughs from a deadly serious concern.”  The play concerns a group of agoraphobic women who are persuaded to leave the safety of their homes to help at a jumble sale.  They are lead by Gwenda, an ex agoraphobic volunteer, and Fliss, a trainee social worker.  As they sort through the rummage, the reasons for their fears of the outside world, both amusing and harrowing, emerge as each woman tries to face up to her fears.

The success of the play depends on the delineation of contrasting and believable characters, both agoraphobics and helpers, and the balance between humour and emotional horror.  The writer Sue Townsend has certainly done this on the page, we hope the production does justice to her writing.  If we have managed to make you laugh, make you think and perhaps even make you cry, we will have done so.

Rosemary Goddard
Spring 2009


Margaret – Melanie Jeffrey
Bell-Bell – Sue Nevitt
Fliss – Julie Sadler
Gwenda – Ann Smith
Katrina – Dorothy Colman
WPC – Judie Starkie


Stage Manager – Christine King & Trevor King
Lighting – Clive Tudman
Sound – Steve Willis
Properties – Kathryn King
Continuity – Sue Imms
Set Design – Trevor King
Backstage Crew – Sue Adie, Chris Fry, Fred James, Mike Jeffrey, David Solly & Chris Tye
Set Construction – St John’s Players
Publicity – Ray Archer
Photography – Roger King
With thanks to The Norbury Theatre, Frank Welbourne, Martin Archer, Headway Worcester Trust Ltd, and anyone else who lent us properties.