Absurd Person Singular

Swan Theatre Main Stage (2013)

In “Absurd Person Singular” we visit three couples in their kitchens on the Christmas Eves of three successive years. First the “lower class” but very much up-and-coming Hopcrofts in their bright new-pin, gadget-filled kitchen, anxiously giving a little party to their bank manager and his wife and an architect neighbour. Then, the architect and his wife in their neglected untidy flat. Lastly, the bank manager and his wife in their large, slightly modernized old Victorian-style kitchen. Running like a darker thread through the wild comedy of behind-the scenes disasters at Christmas parties is the story of the advance of the Hopcrofts to material prosperity and independence, and the decline of the others.


Sidney – Simon Atkins
Jane – Suzanne Nevitt
Geoffrey – Steve Willis
Eva – Julie Sadler
Ronald – Barry Ellis
Marion – Rosemary Goddard


Stage Manager – Christine King & Dorothy Colman
Lighting – Mike Astles, Andy Dean & Jen Tyrell
Sound – Steve Willis
Properties – Kethryn King & Val Drury
Continuity – Judy Starkie
Set Design – Barry Ellis, Trevor King & David Solly
Backstage Crew – Sue Adie, Adam Bullock, Jess Hirst, Paul Hughes, Trevor King and David Solly
With thanks to – Harold Powells & Wickes Ltd.

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