Up Pompeii

2012 Up Pompeii Poster

Swan Theatre Main Stage (2012)

Following on from the very successful Allo Allo in 2010, we decided once again to indulge in a little nostalgia and revisit another popular television series – the stage version of that much loved television series, Up Pompeii. Based on the characters created by Talbot Rothwell and Sid Colin, the play is by Miles Tredinnick.

Few who saw the original series can forget the wonderful characters. Their names speak for themselves: Ludicrus, Ammonia, Nauseus, Erotica, Voluptua, Senna – the list goes on and on. Orchestrating both plot and characters is the head slave Lurcio, who becomes embroiled in the sexual liaisons of his master’s household, as all its members cheat, double cross and generally misbehave. Why does Ludicrus not leave for the Senate meeting in Rome? Why does his wife return so quickly from the country? Who will take care of the escaped slave girl,Voluptua, and will Nauseus’s love poetry improve? The ever helpful Lurcio conveys his thoughts to the audience by means of a series of innuendos and double entendres, all the time trying to complete, “The Prologue”
The ensuing chaos is set against a background of an ominous rumbling. What can it be?
Those who remember the original series can relive the fun and those who don’t can enjoy it for the first time.
If you like your history treated in a light hearted, and somewhat risqué manner, this is the play for you.


Corneous (a footman) – Adam Bullock
Ammonia (the Mistress) – Rosie Goddard
Ludicrus Sextus (the Master) – Trevor King
Erotica (Ludicrus and Ammonia’s daughter) – Amber Bluck
Lurcio (A slave) – Paul Hughes
Senna the Soothsayer – Suzanne Nevitt
Voluptua (a slave girl) – Julie Sadler
Captain Treacherus (a slave trader) – Barry Ellis
Kretinus (Treacherus’s sidekick) – David Solly
Nausius (Ludicrus and Ammonia’s son) – Steve Willis
Suspenda (the well-know nymphomaniac and beauty) – Sam Morgan-Charnock


Director – Christine King
Stage Manager – Dorothy Colman
Lighting Design – Mike Astles, operated by Eddie Coleman, Jake Coleman, Andy Dean, Josh Fisher & Dan Jakeman
Sound – Steve Willis
Properties – Kathryn King, Ann Smith, Moira Mason & Val Drury
Continuity – Judy Starkie
Set Design – Trevor King
Backstage Crew – Sue Adie, Sue Smith, Nigel Reynolds, Emma Stuart & Chris Tye
Set Construction – St John’s Players
Publicity – Rosie Goddard & St John’s Players
Photography – Roger King

With thanks to Frank Welbourne, the Swan Theatre and anyone who leant us properties.

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