Abigail’s Party: Meet the Cast – Julie Sadler

Julie Sadler plays Angie in Abigail's Party

Julie Sadler plays Angie in Abigail’s Party

Find out more about the cast of our forthcoming production, Abigail’s Party.

Julie has been in numerous plays with the SJP’s, too many to mention, but some of her favourites have been the dramas of Day After the Fair, The Little Foxes and Edge of Darkness and the comedies of Don’t Just Lie There Say Something, How the Other Half Loves, ‘Allo ‘Allo, Season’s Greetings & Outside Edge to name but a few among particular highlights have been fulfilling a lifelong ambition to play Annie in all 3 plays in Alan Ayckbourn’s The Norman Conquests.

She has also directed for the SJP’s, both comedies & dramas, of which she says, “my favourite production for the SJP’s has to be One Man Two Guvnors as I invested so much of myself in that show as I directed it, played the role of Dolly, designed the set and did the front of house photos – I consider it my greatest personal achievement with the SJP’s and I was so lucky to have the most amazing cast who realised my dream and brought it to life.”

Julie joined the SJP’s after completing her degree and returning to Worcester.  “The SJP’s were recommended to me by a friend, Paul Clarke, who I’d previously been in drama groups with at both Tech and at the Arts Workshop and who was a member of the SJP’s. I joined the group and Paul left it 2 weeks later as due to his work he was moving away from Worcester.”

Julie plays the character of Angie in Abigail’s Party, of which she says, “this is the second time I have played this role for the SJP’s.

“I would describe Angie as looking up to Beverley and having just bought her first house with her husband Tony, Angie is aspiring to achieve the same material comforts which she see that Beverley & her husband Lawrence have.

“Angie is incredibly tactless, however, I think this is born of naivety rather than malice and her mouth definitely works faster than her brain as she has a tendency to speak/ask questions before thinking about what she is saying/asking. However, although Angie appears meek & childlike and only interested in the mundane and commonplace, much to the annoyance of her husband, she comes into her own at the end of Act I and Act II where it is revealed that underneath Angie’s apparent silliness is the tough, practical reliability of an experienced working nurse.
She is great fun to play as she says things that most of us would only every think and never voice!!”

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